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The Magic Bubble is Kate Magic’s inspirational online raw lifestyle resource. This website is for people who want to be part of a vibrant community with a passionate interest in raw food, ethical living, equality, spirituality and leading a happy, healthy and holistic life.

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Globally renowned raw food expert Kate Magic has over two decades of experience of raw eating and is the Creative Director of the Raw Living website. The author of four raw lifestyle books, Kate tours internationally giving talks and workshops on raw foods which showcase her unique blend of fun, down-to-earth practicality and spiritual wisdom. She is also mother to three teenage boys whom she is raising on a raw vegan diet.

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  • Continually updated content Kate posts on average 10 pieces of exclusive content every month.
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  • Articles From philosophical meanderings to practical lifestyle advice, Kate inspires, motivates, and makes it all seem so easy.
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  • Interviews With raw celebrities and holistic lifestyle specialists.
  • Discounts Save up to 10% on your shopping with Raw Living.

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  • I have been inspired over and over again. Kate is a pioneer, an inspiration. Every recipe I have tried has been SO good, the best

  • I love you Kate… came on to find inspiration and here it is once again.”

  • I am so grateful for just having read one of the most touching and inspiring pieces of writing. Thank you Kate. When I get drawn into emotionally sticky situations in everyday life, the Bubble is always acts as a ‘refresh’ button. Very grateful for the Bubble!

  • This is where I come when I feel lost or at the point where I feel that I would like to take the easy route. You touch all those who come into contact with you, whether it is through the Bubble, the lectures, the books, the videos, the website, and I dont know anyone who doesnt come back for more.

  • I can really say that even though I have never met you, you have a huge impact on my life, when I am down or really just in need of some inspiration to keep me on track and focused, I come here to read your writings and recipes…and Bam, I am right back on track again. You are one of the most inspiring people on the planet, love.